Weekly Words: May 22nd 2015



Fellow yogis and friends

Listening to fellow practitioners share their experiences with meditation is always fascinating. Last night several people talked about noticing the positive effects this practice is having in their everyday life. In the past people have often shared difficult or unpleasant experiences with sitting.

At times it feels like we have figured the practice out, the correct method or approach. Other times we feel certain our approach is wrong. Maybe we compare ourselves to others and imagine they are progressing better than us. Or, lost in our suffering, we wish to recreate some past experience of clarity or deep relaxation.

In my own life, I find it so difficult not to become attached to the idea that I have my life figured out. This belief causes me to, at times, be incredibly closed-minded. A minor criticism about my behavior or work can bring up feelings of deep inadequacies, causing me to shut down or become defensive.

Although acknowledging our imperfections can feel like failure, it is in fact our only opportunity for growth. It can be helpful to explore our beliefs and attitudes towards failure: if we can open up to a larger idea of ourselves, we can begin to access our infinite potential.

Consider the words of the Zen monk Shunryu Suzuki: “Each of you is perfect just the way you are…and you could use a little improvement.”

Hope to see you all again soon.

Much love,



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