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is a weekly donation based group meditation hosted by the Loom Yoga Studio. All are welcome.

Each session includes a period of movement, followed by 25 min of sitting meditation. We will conclude the evening with an opportunity for sharing and questions. No need to bring anything with you. Cushions and other sitting materials will be provided.


Casey Velasquez


When I turned 18 I began struggling with some very difficult feelings of anxiety, isolation and inadequacy. I felt myself disconnected from even close friends and family members. I struggled to concentrate in school, complete assignments and hold down a job.  A therapist I was seeing at the time suggested I try meditation and yoga. I quickly developed a dedicated practice, and began to see transformational changes in my life.

I have been practicing meditation for over 10 years, and leading Bushwick Meditation for a little over a year. I am also a certified yoga teacher and lead classes here in New York City. I am a passionate, compassionate, and patient guide. I am interested in not only sharing my experience and knowledge of the practice, but also holding space and inviting others to share in this exploration.



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