Weekly Words: June 13th 2015


Fellow Yogis and Friends,

Once, feeling very unhappy and confused, I asked a therapist I was seeing at the time how he felt, was he was happy? He laughed and said, “Sure—except when I’m not.”

It can be very difficult to recognize life as an ever-changing experience where each moment is completely fresh and new. We become very attached to the idea that we are a certain ‘type’ of person in possession of enduring or defining qualities.

Often times when I am with a group of people, even those I am most comfortable with, I feel isolated and disconnected. I imagine there is something very wrong with me, something that keeps me from feeling acceptance and human connection.

But when I expand my awareness to include the larger experience I see that this idea isn’t really true. Despite having struggled with these difficult feelings for many years I have developed several close friendships and improved problematic relationships with my family. Furthermore, I have an incredibly intimate and loving relationship with my girlfriend.

No matter how powerful my sense of isolation feels in the moment, it is simply an experience among so many others. That this experience is mine or in some way defines me is only true if I believe it.

Great seeing some new faces on Tuesday—hope to see others of you next week.

Much Love,



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