Weekly Words: June 20th 2015


Fellow Yogis and Friends,

Often times, in life, we feel tossed around by forces out of our control. We work hard to fulfill our desires, and once things are just right, the experience shifts and a sense of uncertainty and dissatisfaction return. Sometimes this unsettled feeling can be merely uncomfortable or frustrating, other times it can be more distressing.

At times, in social situations, I become very concerned with what others think of me. When I feel included and well received in the group there is a sense of safety and relaxation. However, if I feel somehow misunderstood or excluded I experience a frustrating sense isolation. The experience is constantly changing, despite efforts to hold onto some ideal sense of reality.

This desire for things to be a certain way is a normal and natural behavior of the mind. The problem comes when we believe it to be true, when we try desperately to fulfill our desires.

Through mindfulness practices we begin to see that mental states are like waves: they arise momentarily and are then reintegrated back into a vast sea of awareness. Instead of trying to control natural phenomena, we can learn to respond to our moment-to-moment experience with compassion and understanding.

Looking forward to our continued exploration. See you all next week.

Much Love,





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