Weekly Words: May 16th 2015


Dear fellow yogis and friends,

So great to sit with some of you Tuesday night. Our evening meditations are a rare opportunity to gain real insight about what is true for each of us.

When we feel stressed or frustrated with our jobs, our relationships, our lot in life, the mind tells us we need a change. Change can serve us, but it must be thoughtful change. Efforts to escape, resist or attack our problems turn our suffering into enemies and strangers. In this state, resolution is not possible.

Coming face to face with pain may be the most difficult thing to do. Admitting to myself or to others that I am scared or hurt invariably causes me great discomfort. The buried pain surfaces and is felt more completely. Vulnerability is not always pleasant, but it is the key to understanding our suffering and beginning a path towards self-realization and freedom.

Looking forward to continuing our exploration of self next week.

Much love,







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