Weekly Words: May 6th 2015


Fellow Yogis and Friends,

Sometimes I find myself thinking, “man college would have been so amazing if only I had put myself out there more—girls gotten, fun had, teachers and classmates impressed, etc…” But of course, this isn’t true. The world of ‘might have been’ exists only in my mind and has nothing to do with reality.

So often, we have a tendency to embellish our actual experience. We hear someone make a negative or spiteful comment and we think of him or her as an angry or unhappy person. Maybe we even imagine the rest of their life—upbringing and personal relationships—to be unpleasant or joyless. But in reality we know very little about this complex individual.

Our primal instinct is to constantly be on the lookout for what’s wrong and how to fix it; and so we have a tendency to create problems that may not even exist. Our view of reality is distorted by thoughts and beliefs.

Each time we sit in silence with the intention to see what is in this moment—sounds, sensations—we begin more and more to recognize the truth of our experience. Tension in the neck is simply a sensation; it isn’t misery and it isn’t the obnoxious neighbors fault.

Sharing this practice of awakening with even just a few of you every week is truly an honor. I am grateful for your presence and look forward to continuing this process of discovery together.

Much love,



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