Weekly Words: April 29th 2015


Fellow yogis and friends,

A dying Zen teacher was asked by one of his disciples how he would sum up the teachings of his lifetime. His answer was, “appropriate response.”

Last night I talked about how “fight or flight” is rarely an appropriate response to our normal day to day struggles. When we are running late for a meeting, our life is not in danger, although sometimes it may feel that way. When someone criticizes our ideas, our credibility or intelligence is not under attack.

I think most of us walk around with a general feeling of dissatisfaction or a sense that something is not quite right. Through meditation we begin to break free of mental delusion and see things as they really are.

Next time you find yourself experiencing some anxiety or worry, ask yourself, what am I believing about myself or my experience? Is it true? How might I respond more appropriately to this?


Great seeing a couple of you last night. The small groups bring an intimacy that is always interesting.

Hope to see some of you next week.

Much love,







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