Weekly Words: April 15th 2015


Fellow yogis and friends,

Last night I talked a little about deepening presence and seeing how things really are for each of us. As we continue to practice, relaxing into bodily sensations and engaging directly with present emotions and thoughts, our minds and nervous systems begin to develop and grow in unexpected ways.

Often times we come to meditation with certain expectations, goals and ideas of where this practice will take us. Maybe we have an image of a peaceful monk or we once read about a practitioner claiming to have transcended fear and pain.

Personally, I have found mediation helpful in calming my over stimulated mind, helping me fall asleep at night. However, sometimes I will be lying awake in bed meditating and thinking, “this really isn’t working. I don’t feel tired at all!” Next thing I know it is morning and I am waking from a deep sleep.

Consider your expectations for this practice and, as you continue to work with meditation, take a moment from time to time to check in with yourself and consider your experience more fully.

Maybe you still feel anxiety, but does that anxiety affect your life the way it used to? Maybe your fights with your partner continue, but have they become less intense? Recognize the quality of your experience: Maybe you don’t feel confident and happy the way you imagined, but is there a sense of settling in, peace, awakening?

Recognize your struggles, but also acknowledge areas of growth and greater freedom.


So exciting to see new faces last night! I feel blessed to be part of a community dedicated to exploring consciousness through this powerful practice. This is truly revolutionary! Thank you all.

Much love,



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