Weekly Words: April 8th 2015


Hello Everyone!

It was great sitting with some of you last night, sharing the experience of conscious silence and self-inquiry. It is my sincere hope that everyone feels welcome and safe at these evening meditations. My intention is to provide you all with helpful tools to develop your practice.

30 minutes of silence can be a great opportunity to relax and attend to ourselves. And, when it feels appropriate, I encourage you all to challenge yourself in this practice. Through discipline and direct engagement of those areas we sometimes hold back from, we can deepen awareness and gain access to true joy and freedom.

I think all of us have been at times aware of unspoken tension in a relationship with a friend, loved one or colleague. Sometimes we keep things to ourselves in an effort to avoid conflict or vulnerability. However, when one party takes the initiative, voicing the troublesome issue, invariably there occurs a shift in the relationship. This may bring relief or it may bring the conflict to a head. Either way the difficulty is revealed more completely, providing an opportunity for resolution and healing.

This is also the case with our personal practice. When we fail to engage experience fully, our understanding of ourselves and the world remains small. We imagine freedom is gained through improved external circumstances, when really it is accessible here and now and found only within.

Take a moment and ask yourself, what do I want most for myself? And what is keeping me from feeling that right now? What is between me and deep, natural satisfaction? What am I still holding onto?

I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to share this practice with you all. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to share them at the meeting, via email or comment on facebook. Check out the Facebook page to view the video on Vivation breathing. Hope to see you all next week, if time and intention meet.

Much love and gratitude,










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