Weekly Words: February 11th 2015


Hey friends!

Great seeing so many of you last night—always such a warm silence with this group.

After the sitting when we were all sharing someone made reference to experiencing thoughts at times as water flowing by and other times being caught up in the flow. You might call this the difference between an objective mind and one lost in thought.

For so many of us we feel caught up in our thoughts most of the time and maybe when we begin to practice meditation there is a tendency to define this busy mind as bad or something we must ultimately conquer. We imagine we are failing in our efforts. This mindset leaves us very frustrated.

It is interesting and encouraging to recognize that on some level all of us already practice meditation, although we may not call it by that name. Think about the last time you got in an argument or heated discussion with someone, getting very caught up in an effort to defend your ideas or actions, while trying desperately to discredit those of your imagined opponent, possibly with personal insults.

This is not meditation; though very common and natural behavior—something probably all of us engage in.

Now think of the day after the argument, when you sat down with your friend or loved one to review the heated scene from a calm distance. Maybe your discussed what began the altercation, what fueled the anger, how each of you felt in that situation. You may have even been brave enough to admit some responsibility (which seems inevitably to be followed by the other party admitting their part).

This process is absolutely meditation and, as adults, something I know all of us have done.

Another member of our group last night talked about the importance of naming our experience as a mode of self-exploration: this is the busy mind, this is the calm mind; this is anger, tension, hurt; this is being caught in turbulent waters; this is watching the river flow past.


I think it is incredible how receptive and open we all are. For me, this is something I have always struggled with and I am excited to be on this exploration of consciousness with you.

Hope to see you all next Tuesday the 17th @  7pm. If there are any cancelations or changes in schedule, I will update you. As always, feel free to invite your friends. All are welcome! See directions below.

Much love,


BFP address is 119 Ingraham St. (at Porter Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11237. From the Morgan stop on the L train, walk east on Harrison pl, make a left on Porter Ave and the building is on the corner of Porter and Ingraham. Please call when you arrive and I will lead you to the studio—571.205.7368


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